It’s been a while!

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It’s been a while!

It’s been a while since I last posted to the blog. Mainly as I have been so crazily busy trying to get the website launched, and make products at the same time, all the while balancing that with looking after my beautiful little girl Olivia.

It’s an interesting balance. I started Little Sprout after many successful years heading up marketing teams, so I am very used to the pressure of long hours and working well into the night. However, I wasn’t quite prepared for the amount of work that starting a business requires. At first I thought, ‘this is great, something that I can do in my spare time whilst Olivia is at nursery’, but very quickly it has become something that has taken up every waking, non-mummy, minute I have. I’m not sure whether I can remember what my husband looks like, and I have no idea when we last fed the fish! However, I do love it, and though it’s tough now, I figure that things will become steadier once the initial set up is done (she says tenatively)!

My beautiful Olivia! My beautiful Olivia!

As I said, starting a business is hard. Not only do you need to make the product (the thing I wanted to do in the first place), but you also have to think about accounting, processes, website, social media (a constant thing), packaging and supporting materials. Now, the marketing side of things is what comes naturally to me, so I was less worried about that, but even balancing tweeting whilst Olivia clings to my legs with her toy dinosaur (it’s very much a phase at the moment!) tugs at my heartstrings once too often. However, I am determined to make Little Sprout a success – not only so that my husband doesn’t divorce me for wasting our hard-earned cash, but also so that Olivia has something to be extra proud of me for. I think i’ve had a lot of success in my career pre-motherhood, but owning my own business was something I was yet to tackle (despite always wanting to), so I am relishing the challenge it brings (even if I do feel more tired than I was when I first had Olivia!).

Thanks for listening to my ramblings – I hope not to leave it too long before the next one!

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