Caring For Your Keepsake Jewellery

The jewellery that we make is made from Silver Metal Clay. Once you have received your product, it is important that you take good care of it, as the metal is relatively soft and can tarnish and mark. Here are some tips you should follow to help keep your piece in as good condition as possible.


  1. Avoid lotions, perfume and any other types of products.
  2. Try to keep it dry where possible – try and avoid showering or bathing in your jewellery.
  3. As the metal is soft, it will mark if bashed against hard materials, or other charms. This is to be expected, but to avoid damage as much as possible, try not to wear your product when exercising or sleeping, or carrying out any high impact work such as cleaning, gardening etc.
  4. Our jump rings are not soldered. Whilst we use very strong jump rings, which are hard to separate, there is still a possibility that stress on the charm/pendant/keyring or pulling at a charm/pendant/keyring can possibly loosen or break the ring. If you wish, you can take the piece to a jewellers, as some will solder the ring shut for you to ensure this does not happen. However, links and jump rings should be checked regularly to ensure that you do not lose your precious piece.
  5. If you wish to polish your piece from time to time, there are a variety of polish cloths available to do this with
  6. When choosing your piece, it is important to consider that bracelets/keyrings/multiple charms will show wear more quickly than a single charm on a necklace.