How to Use Your Handprint Kit

If you have to take handprints as part of your keepsake piece, here are some guidelines to help you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problems at all, or there are video tutorials available on You Tube.


Instructions for using Inkless Wipe Kit


  • Ensure that the hands/ feet being printed are clear and dry
  • If you are using the wipe on a small child, it is best to do it when they are in a calm mood or asleep
  • It is also best if the paper is placed on a hard surface (i.e. on the floor (for feet), the table, a thick pad, hard-backed book etc.
  • Please make sure the slightly glossy surface of the paper is facing upwards as this is the side with the special coating. Nothing will happen if they paper is up the wrong way
  • It is normal for the wipe to feel almost dry and very slightly greasy
  • Rub with wipe over the area to be printed (not too much) just enough to make sure that all the part being printed is covered
  • Take care not to touch the paper if you have the handled the wipe as your prints will also appear
  • As with all prints, the ink will smudge if they paper or body part moves whilst the print is being taken.
  • Hold body part on paper for approx. 2-4 seconds
  • The print will appear as if by magic! If you don’t see anything straight away you are using the wrong side of the paper
  • The printing process can be repeated as many times as the wipe allows
  • Wash hands or feet to remove any wipe residue after printing has been completed